A musician has a special relationship to their body.

It takes years of specialized training, dedication, and skill to create the unique and varied sounds of the music we love. Whether classical, folk, jazz or blues, a musician has a special relationship to his or her body. Each depend on this body throughout their lifetime to actualize their dreams and create their sound. A musicians’ instrument is not only a guitar, violin or flute, it is the body. When the sounds and the body are in harmony, creating music can be fluid and pain free. When this balance is disrupted through cumulative trauma, postural dysfunction, or injury, a musician is at risk. Musicians, by nature of their passion, may be prone to repetitive stress. It is essential, for vitality and longevity within a music career, to learn strategies for healing and prevention. At SD Rehab Inc., we restore this balance through traditional and holistic individualized therapies. Our goal is to help musicians develop the physical freedom, ease and natural harmony to have a lifelong vital career.

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