In meditation we train the mind breath by breath…beginning fresh over and over again. It is not something we strive to achieve but a process or practice we can choose to commit to. We can develop a capacity to be with whatever arises in our lives.

The Eastern wisdom traditions have brought many forms of meditation to the west. These philosophies along with recent science have shown there is profound value in training our attention. A meditation practice helps us to develop this capacity. When we are able to clarify our attention in any given moment in time, we are liberated to act from the ground of our being, from presence. We are no longer distracted or divided or in conflict with what is.

Join a community of individuals in the exploration of meditation at SD Rehab during our weekend meditation offerings. Or, make an appointment for individualized meditation instruction. Reengage with moment to moment living.  

Types of meditation we explore include; “just sitting” Zen based meditation, Loving Kindness meditation, Mindfulness meditation and various ways to follow the breath. Learn how the body posture contributes or distracts from our sense of wellbeing and ease with meditation through guidance and the use of supportive equipment.

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